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G-EAZY - 'The Beautiful & Damned' - Album Review

G-Eazy or ‘Gerald Earl Gillum’, has gone in my opinion from a mostly basic ‘Cali’ or ‘bay’ rapper with generic features and a West Coast flow on charting songs to one of the few hip-hop artists that saved 2017. His first Major label album ‘These Things Happen’ was released in 2014, three years before his third studio album The Beautiful & Damned, yet in this short time the progression of this artist is immense. Before I get into why this album is a gemstone in the never ending labyrinth of music that was 2017, I have to be honest, I used to thoroughly dislike ‘Young Gerald’s’ music. The first song of his I ever listened to was ‘I mean it’ and I wasn’t very impressed and my opinion stayed th

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