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Scousers, sass, and stripped back ballads: What the music team are listening to this month?

Need a new go-to song? Whether it’s an indie-rock anthem to keep you

energised, or an uplifting toe tapper for your commute to uni, we have the

perfect song for you…

Ready for the High – The Wombats

Chosen by Caitlin Hyem

The Scouse superstars are back with a fuzzy, frantic, and falsetto-flavoured anthem. Ready

for the High is heavier than the usual Wombats tune. Yet it is executed in such a refreshing

and effortless manner, with steady choruses, majestic trumpets, and explosive

instrumentals. Keeping us on our feet, and never missing a beat, the trio always know how

to expand their catalogue of singalong hits. All I can say now is… I’m ready for the album.

22 Break - Oh Wonder

Chosen by Angus Warrender

22 Break, the first track to be released from Oh Wonder’s latest album, is a bittersweet

introduction to how the leading couple of the band split up and reunited during the

pandemic. It’s a sad track, one that’s undercut with strong lyricism and even stronger

rhythm - despite their better-known tracks being a lot more upbeat.

Theek Ache - Joy Crookes 

Chosen by Megan Rowan

Theek Ache is a common Bangla phrase which translates to “It’s Ok”. Crookes uses the two

minutes & ten seconds to detail her experience of being a second-generation immigrant

stumbling through life in London, whilst simultaneously paying homage to her Bangladeshi

routes. The stripped back piano ballad is a beautiful ending to an incredible neo soul/jazz

inspired album with a modern pop twist.

Ex For a Reason - Summer Walker (ft. JT from City Girls) 

Chosen by Lucy Willingham

Summer Walker has collided with hip hop duo City Girls to produce her long awaited new

single, ‘Ex for a Reason’. This fast-paced R&B track offers a different side to the usual

smooth tones of Summer Walker; lyrics such as “Try me, trespass/Guaranteed to beat yo

ass” pack a punch and give us a glimpse as to how on her game she is right now. A playful

song sung by iconic female artists; it is definitely not one to miss.

Cupid’s Arrow - Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 

Chosen by Lucy Handley

Cupid’s Arrow, taken from their latest album, Sticky, is an upbeat song with a chorus that

makes you want to dance in a mosh pit. The song captures the feeling of being in a one-

sided relationship with its sad lyrics, yet this doesn’t take away from the song’s anthemic

nature – it’s definitely one to listen to on FULL blast in the car!

Cold Heart (PNAU Remix) – Elton John & Dua Lipa

Chosen by Matthew Green

Two British icons, Elton John and Dua Lipa, have joined forces to top the charts, destroying

Ed Sheeran’s hope of a 16 th week at number one. The song incorporates elements from

some of Elton John’s greatest hits, such as Rocket Man and Kiss the Bride. The upbeat

melody - thanks to PNAU - makes for a catchy yet chilled sound, whilst the vocals from Lipa

and John complement each other, creating a nostalgic yet fresh melody. Overall, the song

makes for good listening as it brings together a legendary singer and one of the UK’s current

top vocalists, whilst introducing younger audiences to timeless hits from the previous


Spit of You – Sam Fender

Chosen by Mia Fitton

Taken from Sam Fender’s number one album, Seventeen Going Under, Spit of You looks at

the relationships between fathers and their sons. The fairly upbeat chorus follows how the

Geordie genius struggles to communicate with his father emotionally. Throughout the

album, Fender continues to use his lyrics to highlight important messages. Definitely worth a


Figure Numatic by Nubiyan Twist

Chosen by Emma Taylor

The London-based musical collective Nubiyan Twist have fused together infectious and

funky grooves inspired from jazz, hip hop, and afrobeat. This blend of cultures is prominent

in Figure Numatic as the track takes us on a stylistic journey of free-flowing music. Laying an

additional foundation to improvise off of, keeps the song alive. The bridge/breakdown

creates suspense before the arrival of the soulful, female rap, adding to the already

flavourful track.

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