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new study finds men age faster than women

A new study has found that, despite all the anti-ageing creams on the planet, men technically age faster than women.

Anti-ageing researchers found men in their fifties were biologically four years older than their female counterparts, on average.

The gap already exists in 20-somethings, according to the first study of its kind.

Scientists compared the chronological age of thousands of volunteers — how many birthdays they've had — against their biological ones.

This was done using tests that estimate the body's decline based on subtle markers attached to our DNA.

Although the study uncovered the ageing gap, academics believe it has narrowed over time.

They claimed this is probably because smoking rates have plummeted in men.

Weight was another one of the main factors behind the gender difference in ageing with men often putting on pounds as they age more.

Men tend to be more overweight than women.

The findings could help explain why women tend to live longer than men.

Women in Europe and North America have an average life expectancy of 83, compared to just 79 for men.


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