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Welcome to Shock Radio's LIVE BLOG from Varsity 2022.

It's being produced and written by first-year journalism student, Holly Roberts & Head of News, George Icke.

We caught up with Holly Angus who is anchoring the first part of the show about what we can expect to see.

13.57PM George Icke wrote : as we approach half time in the womens football - here is the latest from myself and Holly Roberts.

14:05 - Joe Grant, football commentator gives his thoughts on the womens football match at half time. Watch below


George Icke wrote: Come on girls! The Salford Womens' football team are catching up with home side Chester with the score now at 2-1

14.40 -AND again SALFORD WOMEN SCORE!!!!

George Icke wrote: Our commentators describe it as a positive start to second half that just keeps on continuing. Salford now bring themselves in line with hosts Chester. The atmosphere here just keeps on getting better. Right now, the fear for Salford is the tension if this goes to penalties. Score now 2-2


George Icke wrote: And just like that the women do it again. Salford Uni's catchphrase become unstoppable has become this teams mantra. Coming from 2 nil down to making it 3-2 to Salford. COME ON GIRLS!

14:47 Chester claws it back to 3 all but one player recieves a yellow card for a "purposeful" handball says Tom Parker, Head of Sport. It's now 4-3 to Salford after a free kick. Some absolutely unbelievable scenes here at Varsity 2022.

14:50 Mens & Womens Volleyball with Holly Roberts

We're battling some connectivity issues but soon will publish: Holly Roberts wrote: Well it's busy over here at Volleyball. What was originally 3 sets has been made to 5 sets. She caught up with the girls before they play.

14:58 - 4-4!!! Penalties looking increasingly likely as we are almost 2 mins from close of play.

15:00 - Goes to penalties

15:12 - Holly Angus takes over presenting live from Chester


The men's volleyball match ended in a victory for Chester however the scores were close throughout the whole game. The guys put in five solid sets of volleyball and are heading to divison 2 depsite the lose. Holly Roberts caught up with one of the male players Ollie Hill

4:00: Swimming  

Our reporter Holly Roberts is coming to us from Pool side where all the swimmers are warming up and getting ready to go. Holly is accompanied by commentator Emily.

5:30- Salford Swimming smash out the lengths in the pool

We join our presenter Holly Roberts poolside witnessing Salford Uni Swimming smash Chester with a high score of 43 for Salford and 26 for Chester. Both the male and female swimmers dove into the pool with the intention of winning and proving their talents and strengths in the pool. The atmosphere was amazing in the pool as we all warmed up from the outside cold.



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