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“I’m hoping it will help other people”-Karim Zeroual launches the #boldoclock challenge

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Television presenter and Strictly star Karim Zeroul is encouraging Brits to take time for themselves and master the art of saying no.

In collaboration with Naked, the 2019 Stirclty Come Dancing runner up has developed the ‘Bold o’clock’ challenge after research by the smoothie brand found that 77% of people in the UK struggle to say no and don’t prioritise time for themselves.

Found over on Karim’s Instagram all week the star will be sharing his #BoldOClock moments and is encouraging people to do the same.

Karim told Shock: “It’s been really helpful for me. I've got a quite busy schedule at the moment.

“Just taking that half hour to an hour of my own time, whether that be mediating, having a walk in a park, listening to music. But actually zoning out having a bit of me time has definitely helped me with my busy schedule.

“I’m hoping it will help other people.”

The campaign is part of Naked Smoothies #BeMoreNaked initiative which found that less than a third of 18-24 year olds put time aside for themselves each day.

Research showed that 74% of people say yes to things they don't want to do for fear of being judged.

Speaking to Shock, psychologist Diane Youedale said that despite Gen Z witnessing a recession and being focussed to work hard they “really understand what me time means but yet are least likely to do it.

“You have to invest in others, you have to invest in yourself.”

Diane urges people to sleep well, eat well and be active to ensure you look after your mental wellbeing.

Karim added: “Finding that balance. Making time for your friends and family but making time for yourself.”

Karim will be posting tips and tricks on how to take time for yourself over on his Instagram @karim_zeroual


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