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Cocaine dealer goes back to jail after hiding crack in a ‘Kinder Egg’ capsule

IMAGE: Manchester Minshull St Crown Court (INSET Kinder Egg)

Michael McDonagh, aged 27, has gone back to prison for possession with intent to supply.

Prosecuting, Mr Reid said that a police officer “observed a blue ford fiesta, recognised thanks to intelligence as being involved with drug supply.” He continued to say the officer watched it pull into a forecourt and described him as “fidgeting.” Mr McDonagh was sat in the front passenger seat of the car being driven by a woman.

Police officers at the scene found “2 snap bags and a kinder egg container with a white powder.” Subsequently, officers were sent to search the home address of Michael McDonagh, they found “rocks of a white substance, some tablets and what’s suspected to be cannabis”

Mr Reid said the defendant gave “no comment throughout interview” however, he would be entitled to full credit for entering his guilty plea. Reid also requested the forfeiture and destruction of the Class A drugs.

Adam Roxborough was defending McDonagh and said that his client had “gone back to what he knew” upon release from prison last time.

The Judge Mr Recorder Rankin said “those drugs had been pre-prepared” and also looked back at a previous 13 convictions. He also said: “This offence appears to have been committed whilst on licence” and that there were “no such exceptional circumstances” which would mitigate the charges.

McDonagh will be locked up, after the 20% deduction for his guilty plea, for 5 years and 7 months.



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