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Abattoir Arrests: Two staff arrested during immigration raid

Two people have been arrested after an investigation into immigration offences in the meat processing industry.

Home Office Immigration Enforcement teams executed a warrant at Manchester Abattoir Limited in Stockport, Greater Manchester late on 16 March.

Over 25 immigration officers attended the premises and two males were arrested – the men were of Somali and Congolese origin.

One of the suspects was found to be a visa overstayer.

The other did not have the right to work in the UK as he has an outstanding asylum application.

They were subsequently released on immigration bail.

Neither of the suspects had passed checks required to work in an abattoir.

Their employer has been referred for Civil Penalty Notices and faces fines of up to £40,000.

Manchester Abattoir Ltd has previously faced legal action for breaching animal welfare regulations in an unrelated case.



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