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2018 Sabbatical Officer Candidates

Nominations for the 2018 Sabbatical Officer elections have closed, and Shock Radio is bringing you an EXCLUSIVE list of the candidates you can vote for.

Current Science and Technology officer Kobby Ofori is running for President, and all other sabbatical officers are re-running for their current positions.

Shock Radio will be interviewing candidates from each school (Arts and Media, Science and Technology, Business and Law, Health and Social Care) and the Presidential candidates throughout next week.

The list of candidates are as follows:

Presidential Candidates:

Yana Roberts - International Business with Law

Tommy King - Comedy Writing and Performance

Thomas James - English and Drama

Rose Angelova - BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Samuel O - Economics and Business

Kobby Ofori -Real Estate & Property Management

Badr Alshamat -MSc Construction Management

Arts and Media Candidates:

Tom Taylor -Multimedia Journalism

Navid Yasrebi- Popular Music Recording

Steph Basnett- Film Production

Dylan Cranfield-Film Production

Jason Crowden- Theatre and Performance Practices

Jon-Connor Lyons - Arts and Media Sabb

Business and Law Candidates:

Hussein Mohamed -Information system management

Nnamdi Eustace -PhD in Management

Nicholas Marongwe- Business Management

Famous Dekeri- Management

Goodwill Nqabutho Ndlovu- BSc International Business

Matthew Morse-Law LLB Hons

Health and Social Care Candidates:

Michelle Dami-Johnson - BSc (Hons) Integrated Practice in Learning Disabilities Nursing+Social Work

Gloria Olowookere -Diagnostic Radiography

Emily Voss-Bevan- Sociology & Criminology Graduate

Science and Technology Candidates:

Natalia Gandini castilho- BIM and Digital Built Environment

Sufiyan Syed- MSc Construction Management

Ariku Agho-Jones- Petroleum and gas engineering.

Christopher Ajasigwe- Information System Management

Jerome Anokwu -MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering

Evangeline (Evie) Adams - Wildlife and Practical Conservation

Henry Awak - MSc project management in construction

Abbas Khan - Aeronautical Engineering

Saifah Ali biomedical sciences

Kariem Reda - MSc Business in Global Management

Lamin Dabo- Human Biology and Infectious Diseases

Jack P P Lyon - Aircraft Engineering with Pilot Studies BEng

A number of events will be held throughout the election season, including a special Presidential election debate being held at MediaCityUK on 29th February and a Question Time debate on 1st March.

Voting opens at 9am on Monday 5th March and close at 5pm on Thursday 8th March.

Shock Radio will be broadcasting the results live at University House from 5pm on Friday 9th March.

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