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Oh Wonder - Technicolour Wonder - Gig Review

The London-based, alt-pop duo Oh Wonder started their UK leg of their Ultralife World Tour on October 31st at the famous Manchester Academy. Opening up for them was 21-year-old Norwegian Sigrid. She and her amazingly talented band warmed up the crowd with hits like Don’t kill my vibe, Plot twist and Dynamite. Sigrid’s infectious and friendly vibes prepared the fans for the energy explosion that Oh Wonder later brought to the stage.

Opening up with Dazzle, the duo didn’t disappoint from the moment they started the song. Both Anthony West’s and Josephine Vander Gucht’s voices sound exactly the same as in the studio version of the album, if not even better. The fans broke out into applause at Anthony’s solo in Lifetimes, his sultry vocals and cool attitude making him stand out during this song.

The bond between the group members and their audience could be felt from miles away during Landslide. The duo stood back as they let the fans sing the lyrics “I’ll be there for you”, a special energy floating in the air and a sense of unity connected everyone there.

The performance of Livewire brought a sense of calm to the room. Anthony’s and Josephine’s soothing voices perfectly complemented each other during the song and the piano brought an extra dose of relaxing vibes to the crowd.

All we do proved that not only the group is amazingly talented vocally, but they are also incredible lyricists, being able to write meaningful songs that touch and inspire their fans. Introducing the song, the group had a piece of advice for the audience, which was to never give up on themselves and their dreams, no matter what.

If there was one performance that summed up the whole show it has to be Technicolour beat. The amazing spectacle of technicolour lights that delighted the concertgoers throughout the whole gig proved that not only do Oh Wonder put on a great show musically, but also visually. By the end of the concert, you can’t think of Oh Wonder without thinking of technicolour lights.

Since it was October 31st, Oh Wonder finished their show in a true Halloween spirit, coming up on stage for the much sought after encore as Supergirl and Superman. The duo ended their set with Drive, but not before they threw their superhero capes into the crowd where a very lucky fan got to take them home.

Overall, the show Oh Wonder put on on Tuesday night reminded me what music, of all genres, should do, which is unite people, make them feel less alone and of course, make them Lose it.

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