All committee positions have reopened for nominations. All current Shock Radio paid members are eligible to attend, run and vote in the AGM. Anybody who is not a paid Shock Radio member is not permitted entry to this event, even to spectate. Current committee members will have to rerun if they wish to retain, or change their position. Please remember the elections are for the 2020/21 academic year. You should only run for a role if you plan to be University of Salford student during this time.

Information about the positions and how to nominate yourself are shown below:

If you wish to nominate yourself for a position, please send a 1 page A4 manifesto to

Your manifesto must include the following:
- Your name and university course
- A photo/headshot of yourself
- The position you are wanting to run for (you may run for multiple roles, but may not win multiple roles) 
- Information explaining why you are good for the role and what you would do in your position.

All manifestos will be available online for Shock Radio members to read prior to the AGM. The deadline for manifestos to be submitted is 6PM Friday 24th April (please note: manifestos will be available to read online shortly after they are submitted. We would therefore recommend you submit your manifesto as soon as possible, rather than leaving it to the deadline).

Applicants must then attend the AGM on time. At the AGM, candidates will be given the opportunity to give a 1 minute speech. This speech should include why you would be good for the role, and what you would do in your position.

After each candidate has spoken, they will answer questions from the current committee and members. Members will then vote anonymously on who they think is best for the role, to be counted and announced immediately.

Members are not permitted to vote unless they have been present to hear each candidate’s speech and answers. 

All successful applicants will then receive training for their position, which they will have to attend. Each role demands high commitment to the station, so do not run if you don’t think you can devote the time.